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It's easy to check what packages a single RPM depends on, but how do I do the opposite, and find out what RPMs depend on a particular RPM? Is there an easier way to do it than searching through all the other RPMs' dependency lists?

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New Answer:

There are a some scripts out there:

http://maisondubonheur.com/rpm-analyzer/ appears to work for RHEL http://noisybox.net/computers/debdeps/ has one for Debian's dpkg

Old Answer:

This is for capabilities, not modules

rpm -q --whatrequires capability

See http://www.rpm.org/max-rpm/s1-rpm-query-parts.html

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For recent versions of yum-utils, just use:

repoquery --tree-whatrequires <package>

...there are a bunch more options, in very recent yum-utils, if you want the output to be something else.

If you need to run it on older versions (like RHEL-5), you can use:


Edit, sorry you wanted:


...which is whatrequires, the deps-tree-view is requires.

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