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I am changing the frameset with this line


this is the frameset i am changing

<frameset id="Edit" border="0" frameborder="0" rows="0%,0%,100%">

  <frame name="PermaPlayer" src="EditPermaPlayer.html?h=<%= System.DateTime.Now.Ticks %>" />
  <frame name="EditPlaylist" src="EditPlaylist.aspx?id=<%= playlistEditingId %>&hs=<%= System.DateTime.Now.Ticks %>" />
  <frame name="EditPlaylistLoading" src="EditPlaylistLoading.aspx?&hsm=<%= System.DateTime.Now.Ticks %>" />

Changing it IE works and it works in chrome. It doesnt work in Firefox. Is there something diferent that needs to be done in Firefox?

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document.all is proprietary to Internet Explorer and is absolutely non-standard. Moreover, it's hideously outdated. Use document.getElementById instead:

parent.document.getElementById('Edit').rows = "0%,100%,0%";
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Thank you thank solved it. –  ChampChris Feb 1 '11 at 23:59

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