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I have started using a technique, adopted from jQuery, called chaining in my setters. Example:

class Foo {
  private int bar;
  private int baz;

  public int getBar() { return this.bar; }
  public int getBaz() { return this.baz; }

  public Foo setBar(int bar) {
    this.bar = bar;
    return this;

  public Foo setBaz(int baz) {
    this.baz = baz;
    return this;

I prefer this way, because it makes easy to set multiple properties very easily.

Is there a drawback? I have asked several Java programmers about this, but all they could say is that it is "not nice", but they couldn't give me a proper explanation why.

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I think you've encountered one drawback: in the culture of some programming languages, it is unusual and unconventional. And some cultures react better than others to unusual and unconventional. I agree that it has merit, but Java setters are just not usually coded that way.

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you can find some answers at this similar question.

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