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Im looking for a little design assistance.

I have inherited an application that requires project status reports be submitted on a monthly basis. The applicaion has a dashboard that displays project compliance status for the current month as well as the last month.

As an example, if I have a project that is created on 1/1/2011, its first status report is due 2/1/2011. If no report is submitted as of 2/1/2011, the prior month status will show the project as out of compliance for the prior month since the report was not submitted BUT the current month should show out of compliance as well until a report is submitted.

The current app only tracks the project create date and the last status report date in the DB.

Any thoughts on how to best implement this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Alex

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What is the state of the current month supposed to be? Probably not "compliant" because a report hasn't been submitted, but not "noncompliant" either because the report is not due yet. You need a third state.

When you loop through each month to display compliance or noncompliance, try skipping the current (and future) months:

// pseudocode
foreach (m in months_to_display)
  if m >= now
  else if m > last_report_date
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