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I am trying to connect to a Interbase DB at runtime via the BDE. I am trying to do this in a formless project (but not a console app). The alias is known. I retrieve the alias from the registry. Example: MyAlias.

//create alias params list  
AParams:= TStringList.Create;  

//create a session to get alias parameters  
ASession:= TSession.Create(nil);  
ASession.SessionName := 'MainSession';  
 ASession.GetAliasParams(tmpAlias, AParams);  

//connect to database 
dbMain:= TDatabase.Create(nil);  
with dbMain do  
 //AliasName:= 'MyAlias';  
 DatabaseName:= 'test';  
 LoginPrompt:= False;  
  if Connected then ShowMessage('Connected!') else ShowMessage('Failed to Connect!');    
 end; //try  

//free alias params list  

Anyway, it doesn't look like the Session.GetParams actually gets the password. How do I get the password? Is there a way to get all the connection info from the BDE and make the connection if I know the alias? I'd rather not hard-code the username and password in case the client changes them in the future.

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If I were your customer, I don't want that you can access my databases when you want, even I change the password. So, you should not even try to access a customer's data without his permission. And as RRUZ said information concerning the username,password,etc are stored into an encrypted file. –  RBA Feb 2 '11 at 7:43

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Shane, if you could get the password from the database only knowing the alias, all the security of the database will be pointless. so the answer is NO , you cannot retrieve this info only knowing the BDE alias. the way to connect to a database with a password protection is request the user and password to the final user or storing this info in an encrypted configuration file.

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Thanks, i figured that much. I was just checking to be sure. I am going to use a encrypted file which stores the alias;username;password. If client changes their credentials in the future, then this encrypted file can be changed as well. - THANKS! –  IElite Feb 2 '11 at 17:07

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