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I am running MacOS 10.6 and OpenOffice 3.3. I am interested in using PyUNO to script conversions of .odp to .ppt, .pdf, and .swf. I have not found any clear documentation on how to do so with MacOS. Does anyone know of existing documentation to get the process going? I am fairly proficient in python, but I can't even find how to access the language bindings on MacOS. Any pointers?

Thanks, Sean

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I am not sure if they have fixed the issue, but as of a couple months ago you could not run pyUNO scripts outside of OOo on a MAC. See the article: "Shall we ship OOo with internal python on Mac?"

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The latest LibreOffice4 ships with a Python 3.2 installation which works fine. Unfortunately, this then duplicates the existing MacPorts Python install, and installing UNO on a MacPorts Python hasn't worked yet. –  Jens Apr 7 '13 at 1:35

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