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The project I'm using uses Cons instead of Make for one section, for reasons beyond my control (i.e. we inherited and there was never enough ROI to switch to Make).

I just added a new rule to create a file that I need in an unrelated part of the project. By "unrelated" I mean that it's outside the scope of my Cons script. The project build assumes that the part that uses Cons is 100% done before the part that needs the new file.

Because of this, there is no target in Cons that requires the new file, so Cons doesn't build it. How can I tell Cons to build it regardless?

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This can be done using the Depends method:

$CONS->Depends("target", "file_i_want_to_create");

This makes target dependent on file_i_want_to_create. If target is something that will definitely be built (such as the actual project that we want to build with CONS ) then file_i_want_to_create will definitely be created.

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