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I want to insert an external javascript file in my JSF page. So what I did is:

Now, the JSF file is named start.xhtml and both are sitting in the same folder. However, when I ran , there is nothing happend [ The javascript supposed to pop up alert when I click]. I checked the page source, and apparent in the .

What did I do wrong to get the RES NOT FOUND? I even put absolute path but nothing happened :(. Me sad panda.

Fyi, I am using the latest Netbeans.

Thanks, Song.

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First of all, an absolute path must work. It's not question of Netbeans or Glassfih, or JSF - it's a browser thing. And if your browser had a fault preventing it from fetching Javascript from valid urls, you would have noticed. So if your Javascript does not load, there's a 99% chance it's a plain typo, a stupid mistake (forgetting directory name, adding an extra slash or such things), and nothing to do with any of the mentioned technologies.

The other theory (just a theory - I don't have enough data to prove it) is that you have a standard mapping, showing all the faces files in a "virtual" faces directory (/faces/*). So that when you put your index.xhtml in the main directory of a Foo project, you see it under: localhost:8080/Foo/faces/index.xhtml. The "faces" part of path does not represent any real directory, it's just a mapping. So if you have a js file sitting by an index.xhtml, you would address it like: '../yourjavascript.js'; the ../ is to compensate for the virtual directory part.

Anyway, I strongly encourage you to drop your script loading dillemas and use the official and nice way of loading resources such as javascript is to put them into a directory called "resources" (make one under the "web pages" node in Netbeans, it will end up in the top directory of your .war); to get a path of any file saved under resources, you use EL like: #{resource['filename.css']}. You will load your script by:

   <script src='#{resource['script.js']}' ></script>

If you use the resource directory, you can do many more things, read up on some detailshere

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Try including your script this way

<script src="#{facesContext.externalContext.requestContextPath}/yourPathAfterWebpages/scriptFile.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
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This should be accepted answer. Simple, clear and working! – Gondy Jul 23 '15 at 9:18

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