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I was just trying to dismiss a UIAlertView using the following call:

[serverConnectionClosedAlertView dismissAnimated:YES];

I did some testing and everything worked nicely. When I got back to the Xcode window I saw the warning, "UIAlertView may not respond to '-dismissAnimated'. I looked up the documentation and noticed that this method is indeed not defined on UIAlertView or even UIView. The correct call should have been

[serverConnectionClosedAlertView dismissWithClickedButtonIndex:0 animated:YES];

So, I am wondering

  1. Why did Xcode suggest the original method name (I had pressed ESC to get the list of suggestions and just picked the method above; old Eclipse/Java habit, I guess), and

  2. Why did the code work at all? It actually did dismiss the UIAlertView without any crashes or log entries.

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It was in fact called dismissAnimated: in previous versions of the SDK. It has since either been deprecated or made a private API in favor of dismissWithClickedButtonIndex:animated:, but it'll still work if you call it.

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Ah. Cool, that makes sense... I thought there might be a miracle involved somewhere along the line. Thank you. – McKrassy Feb 2 '11 at 5:00

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