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I am dealing with MongoDB autosharding. Is the same data available in all the shards or will the data will be different in each shard?

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Sharding is the practice of splitting your data up among multiple shards, so each shard has a piece of your database. Shard A will not have Shard B's data. If you want data replicated on multiple machines, look at replica sets. Generally, a shard is composed of a replica set of 3 or more machines, so in a setup with 3 shards (each with 1/3 of the database), you would have 9 nodes total, and in any given shard, all 3 nodes in the shard would have an exact copy of all that shard's data.

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Hi Chris Heald, I understood,Thanks for your reply.. –  sampathkumar Feb 2 '11 at 8:17

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