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In my batch file I want to pass multiple parameters to some other application.

Now I do it

app.exe %1 %2

and it can only pass two parameters, but I want to pass all the parameters that are passed to the batch(I would rather not write %1 %2 %3 %4 ...)

Is there any magic way to do it?

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There is a magic way! I knew it, but I could not remember it.

its %*

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You could use the SHIFT prompt and loop through the arguments. Here is a demonstrative example where you would replace the final ECHO prompt with a prompt to load your application.




REM There is a trailing space in the next line; it is there for formatting.




This may be useful if you need some sort of dynamic parameter counting, or if you want to disallow a certain parameter.

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+1, only I would place the empty parameter check before processing the parameter. – Andriy M Feb 4 '11 at 22:34

Another way is to use one double quoted parameter. When calling the other application, you just use the %~N device on the command line to remove the quotes.

If some parameters you intend to pass to the application are themselves double-quoted, those quote chars must be repeated twice.

Here's an illustration script that uses the first parameter as the application's name and the second as a combined parameter list to pass to the application:

CALL %1 %~2

Here are examples of calling the script for different cases (pass one parameter or several parameters or quoted parameters).

  1. Pass 1 parameter to the app:

    C:\>mybatch.bat app.exe "app_param"
    C:\>mybatch.bat app.exe app_param
  2. Pass several parameters:

    C:\>mybatch.bat app.exe "app_param1 app_param2 app_param3"
  3. Pass a parameter that includes spaces (and so must be quoted):

    C:\>mybatch.bat app.exe """parameter with spaces"""
  4. A combined example: some parameters are with spaces, others aren't:

    C:\>mybatch.bat app.exe "param_with_no_spaces ""parameter with spaces"" another_spaceless_param"
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Sorry, but there is no magic way. You need to write %1 %2 %3 %4 ... until you reach the limit of what you think you could ever be passed.

If you think that this isn't well designed, please blame Microsoft. And not me.

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magic is possible if you believe in it :) – IAdapter Feb 2 '11 at 7:10
We can't blame you for the limitations of Microsoft's tools but we can blame you for your lack of knowledge about them :-) – paxdiablo Feb 2 '11 at 7:29

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