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What exactly is Eclipse doing here to the symbol CreateDefaultSource?

enter image description here

If I single-click a symbol and hover over it for a short while, it shades the background to an illegible light-grey. Clicking off of the symbol doesn't immediately cause it to go away.

I'm using the Color Theme plugin to provide syntax coloring. I thought perhaps this was the "Content Assist" background color, but I've changed that under the general prefs and I'm still getting this.

And perhaps a slightly more egregious example:

enter image description here

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You can disable this behaviour: in Preferences search for Mark occurences. You will find some sections, each one for a programming language (Java, Javascript, Python,..). Uncheck this option:

Keep marks when the selection changes

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Thanks to bluish's hint, I found the appropriate settings to modify these colors:

  • For references: Preferences > General > Editors > Text Editors > Annotations > PHP elements 'read' occurrences
  • For assignment lvalues: Preferences > General > Editors > Text Editors > Annotations > PHP elements 'write' occurrences
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