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I need to develop a project based on bluetooth in mobile.. since i am new to j2me i studied some of the articles and run the project until the discovery of devices and services. I need to communicate between devices and transfer the desired files. I search code for client server communication through bluetooth and got it but i didnt know how to run those code and implement further..

I have go through articles and i can run client server communication. Now i need to transfer the file and communicate to the user which was beyond the limit of my mobile through the another mobile which was within my limit.

Please help me its very urgent. I search a lot but i didnt get those details...

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JSR82.com has many articles and tutorials about how to use bluetooth from J2ME.

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Better you refer the book, "BLUETOTH APPLICATION PROGRAMMING WITH JAVA API" by C.Balakumar. It is helpfull to you.

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