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In Visual Studio, I tried a project in both. But there appears to be no difference in the tools displayed in the tool box....

So what the real basic major difference.?

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  • Website is for internet based audience - in this case your concerns(security, etc) are different;
  • Web application is a software, just like a desktop application software, usually intended to be used for intranet environments. For instance, an HR software could be a web app - that is available on the intranet for all the departments to fill in their timesheets.

Though, a website may contain specific operations, tasks, or workflows.

Checkout: Web site project vs Web app project

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WebSite project is compiled on the fly.

In a WebApplication, you need to build a page before you can debug.

However, WebApplication is the way to go, because with WebSite-project, you cannot create a setup project (and conversion from WebSite to WebApplication can lead to problems/bugs).

That's why I recommend WebApplication. Simply put, a WebSite is worth nothing if the customer is too stupid to install it manually.

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