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I am trying to develop an application in which I'll give a constrained set of urls to the urls file in Nutch. I am able to crawl these urls and get the contents of them by reading the data from the segments.

I have crawled by giving the depth 1 as I am no way concerned about the outlinks or inlinks in the webpage. I only need the contents of that webpages in the urls file.

But performing this crawl takes time. So, suggest me a way to decrease the crawl time and increase the speed of crawl. I also dont need indexing because I am not concerned about the search part.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to speed up the crawl?

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Arjun, that's my site you're scraping! stop! –  s29 Mar 12 '13 at 23:47

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You can scale up the threads in nutch-site.xml. Increasing fetcher.threads.per.host and fetcher.threads.fetch will both increase the speed at which you crawl. I have noticed drastic improvements. Use caution when increasing these though. If you do not have the hardware or connection to support this increased traffic, the amount of errors in crawling can signifigantly increase.

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The main thing for getting speed is configuring the nutch-site.xml

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If you don't need to follow links, I see no reason to use Nutch. You can simply take your list of urls and fetch those with an http client library or a simple script using curl.

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Yea, thanks for the input. I have previously done the scrapping using PHP-multi curl and I successfully got the results. But the problem I faced is that it is taking time to fetch the contents of the webpages. So, Keeping in mind the scalability and speed, I thought of moving to nutch. –  Arjun Kumar Reddy Feb 14 '11 at 5:19

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