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Yii framework supports modules and also subdirectories in controllers directory, so path to some specific action could be

  • /index.php?r=module/controller/action or
  • /index.php?r=subdirectoryInControllerDir/controller/action.

My goal here is to have multiple subdirectories in the controllers directory. Inside these folders I would create controllers with the same names as parent ones using namespaces.

However if I write

namespace mynamespace;
class MyController extends \MyController {

Yii would load MyController instead of mynamespace\MyController;

Any suggestions here?

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Yii uses an intuitive naming convention for namespaces, which starts from \application and must follow the physical directory structure, like the built-in autoload config. If your base MyController class is in protected/controllers/, then it should use namespace application\controllers;

namespace application\controllers;
class MyController extends \CController
    // actions

and the child MyController in protected/controllers/subdir/

namespace application\controllers\subdir;
class MyController extends \application\controllers\MyController
    // actions

To make a request like "subdir/my" work, you need to add the following code to CWebApplication::createController() (or inherit it in a subclass) right after the class file is included:

+   if(!class_exists($className,false))
+       $className = '\\application\\controllers\\' . str_replace('/', '\\', $controllerID . $className);
    if(class_exists($className,false) && is_subclass_of($className,'CController'))
        return array(
            new $className($controllerID.$id,$owner===$this?null:$owner),

If you have set controllerNameSpace of CWebApplication you can also use that value instead of hardcoding \\application\\controllers\\.

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