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I can't use the Captcha plugin provided by Fat Free

Please help me

F3::route ( 'GET /captcha',captcha);

function captcha(){
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It should be:

F3::route ( 'GET /captcha','captcha');

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PHP should really get first-class functions so you don't have to mess with strings in cases like this... –  ThiefMaster Nov 7 '11 at 8:12

Fix so easy! http://techzinger.blogspot.com/2011/02/fat-free-framework-for.html?showComment=1298024374012#c4330544534362949394

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It is a good manner here, to post some explanation, not just link. Link can eventually become dead and your answer become useless in this case. Never post just links! It is considered a quite bad behavior at SE network. –  trejder Feb 24 at 9:50

Let F3 know where your fonts folder is

I have following in my index.php file


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