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I see a macro CCARRAY_FOREACH in coccos2d, actually what does it? can we do alternative solution instead of it?i am using following code for spriteBatchNode?

     CCARRAY_FOREACH([spriteBatch children], sprite)

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ssteinberg's answer is correct. please update it –  OMGPOP Mar 2 '13 at 8:14

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it is a macro for looping through each object inside a CCArray... an alternative would be objective-c's foreach for (object in array) that goes like this:

for (CCSprite *sprite in [spriteBatch children]) {

this is for NSArray and NSMutableArray but i think it should work fine for CCArray as well.

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The other answer is actually wrong. CCARRAY_FOREACH isn't a macro for fast enumeration, it is a replacement for fast enumeration for CCArrays. CCARRAY_FOREACH is a tiny bit faster than fast enumeration on a NS(Mutable)Array (about 10%), so better use it if you are using CCArrays.
Check the CCArray.h header to see what the macro actually is.

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