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Just wondering if some one can help me with some a issue I am having parsing json data. I will start with a spinet of the JSON i won't include all of it (JSON is also valid) :

"X_bizCardServiceLinks": [
        "name": "blogs",
        "js_eval": "generalrs.label_personcard_blogslink",
        "href": "https:\/\/\/blogs\/roller-ui\/blog\/dbb8fac0-42e4-102e-9409-b38b9530f95e"
        "name": "quickr",
        "js_eval": "generalrs.label_personcard_quickrlink",
        "href": "https:\/\/\/quickr\/allfiles\/people\/"
        "name": "profiles",
        "js_eval": "generalrs.label_personcard_profilelink",
        "href": "https:\/\/\/profiles\/html\/"
        "name": "activities",
        "js_eval": "generalrs.label_personcard_activitieslink",
        "href": "https:\/\/\/activities\/service\/html\/mainpage#dashboard%2Cmyactivities%2Cuserid%3Ddbb8fac0-42e4-102e-9409-b38b9530f95e%2Cname%3DJonathan Popoola"
        "name": "dogear",
        "js_eval": "generalrs.label_personcard_dogearlink",
        "href": "https:\/\/\/dogear\/html?userid=dbb8fac0-42e4-102e-9409-b38b9530f95e"
        "name": "communities",
        "js_eval": "generalrs.label_personcard_communitieslink",
        "href": "https:\/\/\/communities\/service\/html\/allcommunities?userid=dbb8fac0-42e4-102e-9409-b38b9530f95e"
        "name": "wikis",
        "js_eval": "generalrs.label.personcard.wikislink",
        "href": "https:\/\/\/wikis\/home\/search?uid=dbb8fac0-42e4-102e-9409-b38b9530f95e&name=Jonathan Popoola"
        "name": "files",
        "js_eval": "generalrs.label_personcard_fileslink",
        "href": "https:\/\/\/files\/app\/person\/dbb8fac0-42e4-102e-9409-b38b9530f95e"

What I need to do is access each child element of the "X_bizCardServiceLinks" and store the name and href to a variable - I am able to return all of the individual children but not target each child separately - I am using the following code :

$.each(response.X_bizCardServiceLinks, function(){
            $.each(this, function(n, v){
                var random = n;
                var anotherRandom = v;
                //$("#linkTable tr").append("<td><a href=\""+ this.href +"\">"+ +"</a>");


Response is the JSON but stored, any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance,

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You are trying much too hard

$.each(response.X_bizCardServiceLinks, function(){
    var name =;
    var href = this.href;            
    console.log(name, href);

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thank you very much will give it a whirl and let u know the result – jonnyhitek Feb 2 '11 at 10:52
Thanks Squeegy that worked a treat :-) - one quick questions i need to append the first 5 elements to 1 div and the other to another div - I can only think of crude ways to do - would you have an idea what would be best practice. thanks – jonnyhitek Feb 2 '11 at 11:02
Keep a count and do some at, or until, that count becomes 5. – Alex Wayne Feb 2 '11 at 18:16

You’re using a callback function to be called for each element with the each function. Unfortunately you did not specify a parameter, which can be used to access the individual element in the callback function.

So instead of $.each(response.X_bizCardServiceLinks, function(){ you would use $.each(response.X_bizCardServiceLinks, function(index, el){ and could then get the child elements with and el.href.

See the jQuery API for the each function at

$.each(response.X_bizCardServiceLinks, function(index, el){
    $.each(this, function(n, v){
        $("#linkTable tr").append("<td><a href=\""+ el.href +"\">"+ +"</a>");
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thank you I will give it a whirl and let you know the result :-) – jonnyhitek Feb 2 '11 at 10:51
$.each(response.X_bizCardServiceLinks, function(index, elem) {
    // elem.href

'"X_bizCardServiceLinks": []'

Looks like invalid JSON anyways. It should be enclosed in { }:

'{"X_bizCardServiceLinks": []}'
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i hav'nt added all of the json just a snipet - to make the post more readable – jonnyhitek Feb 2 '11 at 10:51

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