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I am developing Mac app. In this app, I am using a NSScrollView's instance as scrollView. And I have set a customView which is an instance of NSView in this ScrollView as:

[scrollView setDocumentView:customView];

But, the NSScrollView's vertical Slider always points to the bottom of the view as: enter image description here

I want that the slider always points to the top of the custom View as:

enter image description here

How can I make this change? Plz help.

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I have solved my problem by setting the scrollToPoint property of ScrollView's ContentView. Here is the code:

[[scrollView verticalScroller] setFloatValue:0.0];
[[scrollView contentView] scrollToPoint:NSMakePoint(0.0, y)];
// here y = (difference b/w scrollView's content size height and scrollView's height)
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