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Hello I have an application where URI looks like http://mysite.com/post1 or http://mysite.com/post2 etc. But with routing as this i can't get images because it stored at http://mysite.com/images/ folder in my server. So how to overcome this problem?

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Take a look at Compass. It is a stylesheet authoring framework which allows you to use helpers such as image_url in scss stylesheets. image_url can be used in combination with a configuration variable asset_host, that prepends that path to images in your stylesheets.

Here is an example:

  background: image_url("background.png") "no-repeat";
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How about using the path_to_image() or image_tag() helper?

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i can't use it in css –  VitalyP Feb 2 '11 at 11:33

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