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I've built a silverlight 4 app that is soon to be deployed but I'm having some trouble with the updating.

The versioning number system I'm using is

  • Major = year
  • Minor = month
  • Revison = day
  • Build = build number for the day.

Which is updated to the day we push an update out.

Now according to this site SilverLight will only grab an update if there is a change to Major/Minor.

Is there anyway around this? If I have to change the version numbering system that's fine too.

Cheers Tony

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Had a similar issue where IE wouldn't get the update unless the cache is cleared so I added the version number to the object in the html/aspx. Like this:

<param name="source" value="ClientBin/MyApp.xap?v="/>

Now IE gets the latest every time the version changes. This could be anything, I just chose the version number.

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