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I want to create a suffix tree for 4 GB of input string. Ideally the size of tree in memory will be approx 100 GB. I can’t do this on a normal desktop. Is there any way to do it on windows HPC cluster? How can I distribute the suffix tree on different compute node of HPC?

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What's the size of your cluster? 100 GB is still a lot of memory, perhaps you should consider writing some (most) of it to disk. Also, what will you be doing with this data? –  suszterpatt Feb 2 '11 at 12:25
Thanks for you reply suszterpatt. Cluster is consist of 8 Nodes each with 24GB of RAM and 160 GB harddisk. I want to use this tree for Sequence matching. There will be millions of search for string matching. Writing on disk is not a option for me, its making search slow. –  Rohit R Feb 2 '11 at 14:37

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Yes, it's possible to do this; Google Scholar lists several papers on the topic. The trick is in the initial assignment of partial suffixes to the initial processors; that has to be chosen so that each processor can go off and find it's section of the tree independantly. Once that's done, the usual suffix-tree operations can be done fairly efficiently. I don't know any public examples of implementations.

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