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The JavaScript code below has a different effect in different browsers:


In Chrome, the page has:

function Location() { [native code] }
function DOMWindow() { [native code] }

In Firefox, the page has:

[object Location]
[object Window]

In IE8, the page has:


The difference between Chrome and Firefox might be different toString() implementations. I just cannot understand why the two objects' constructors are undefined in IE. If their constructors are undefined, what about their prototypes? Are they also undefined?

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Using the IE8 debugging console, I have no problems using the code you gave as an example.

My results...

[object Location]
[object Window]

Are you sure that something else is not causing these to fail?

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I'm using IE 8.0.6001.18372. Interestingly, if I load one local html with "document.write(this.constructor)", it is undefined; if I just type "javascript:this.constructor" in URL input bar, it shows [object Window]. – Morgan Cheng Jan 29 '09 at 3:55

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