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I want to add a button with a cross to the header of the accordion which can be clickable. that means i want to display a message when the some one click on that button. i go through many of the samples in the web but couldn't get it done. if any one who knows do this in flex4 it will very helpful.

I tried with also a CanvasButtonAccordionHeader, it shows the button but when i click it, it didn't give the message although i created the click event handler.

if somebody know how to resolve this please describe it with a simple source code.


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You can easily do that by customizing the header in CSS.

Add the header Style to you accordion.
<mx:Accordion id="accordion" headerStyleName="accHeader" width="100%" />

In your CSS
.accHeader { fillColors: haloSilver, haloBlue; fillAlphas: 1.0, 0.5; selectedFillColors: black, black; } Or embed your image in here.

You can place that message in your ViewStack.

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I use the CanvasButtonAccordionHeader in Flex 3, so not sure if this will work in Flex 4.

But.... in case it's of any use, I create my CanvasButtonAccordianHeader as a custom componant which dispatches an event when the button is clicked:

<CanvasButtonAccordionHeader xmlns="flexlib.containers.accordionClasses.*"  
 xmlns:mx="" mouseChildren="true" 
        private var itemName:String;
        public function init():void{


<mx:HBox width="100%" horizontalAlign="right" height="100%" 
    <mx:LinkButton label="&lt;&gt;"              
        click="dispatchEvent(new Event('homeButtonClicked'));"



Then I instantiate the custom componant at the bottom of the Accordian as a Header Renderer:


                                            homeButtonClicked="outerDocument.dispatchEvent(new Event('homeClick'))"/>


Hope this is of use.

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