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Within my project I have created an Entity Data Model, complete with relationship links between the various tables. I notice when I do so, Visual Studio automatically creates a property named after this link.

I have then generated a Domain Service Class based on this data model, and once again within this a property is generated representing the link, ie within my ChemicalApplication class there is a Chemical property of type Chemical.

The trouble is, within the silverlight client, I can access the ChemicalApplication data object no bother, and can see the ChemicalApplication.Chemical property, but as soon as I try to access it, I recieve an error that the property is not initialised.

Do these auto-generated child properties not automatically initialise? If not, how do i manually assign a value to them within the RIA Domain Service?

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Could we see your data acces code? Your link query or other that returns the ChemicalApplication entity. –  DaveB Feb 2 '11 at 16:28

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I managed to find how to do this manually. Within RIA Dataservice Get() method, simply add ".Include("table_name")"

E.g in my GetChemicalApplicationByUser function I bind to two sub tables:

Public Function GetChemicalApplicationsByUser(ByVal query As String) As IQueryable(Of ChemicalApplication)
    Return Me.ObjectContext.ChemicalApplications.Include("Chemical") _
                                                .Include("ProcessStatus") _
                                                .Where(Function(f) f.requestedByUsername = query)
End Function

Within the class metadata, you will also need to add Include() i.e:

<MetadataTypeAttribute(GetType(ChemicalApplication.ChemicalApplicationMetadata))>  _
Partial Public Class ChemicalApplication

Friend NotInheritable Class ChemicalApplicationMetadata

    Private Sub New()
    End Sub

    Public Property aspectSummaryUpdate As Nullable(Of Boolean)

    Public Property bunding As Nullable(Of Boolean)

    Public Property CARQ() As Byte

    Public Property Chemical As Chemical


Hope this helps someone else in future.

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