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I want to create a sticky footer menu for a web application (-webkit/-moz). Check out the screenshot. Blue area border of the iphone, red area representing content, gray area at bottom is footer. enter image description here

Screen 1:
Start screen. Full content with a sticky footer at bottom of window, I can do this via position: fixed.

Screen 2: Actual Required Behavior If the content of page is scrolled down the footer should remained stick to the bottom of the window. Thats what I need.

Screen 3: Current behavior with position: fixed This is the current behavior, if i scroll page the whole thing is moved up including the sticky footer at bottom.

I want a web application, behavior similar to ipod library. Fixed menu at bottom and scroll-able content above it. Any solution?

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Is the fixed footer inside any other elements? If it is, try putting it right in the body, with position: fixed; bottom: 0;. –  Martin Mar 31 '11 at 9:28

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You would require to take multiple absolute position layers to achieve this. Use window's resize event adjust these layers. We have done same this in our website www.maniartech.com.

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