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I am creating a windows service and want to know best practices for this. In all my windows Program I have a form that asks the user if he wants to report the error and if he answers yes I created a case in FogBugz. What should I do in a windows service.

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You could also have a system tray representation of the service which would show a small notification about any errors and ask the user whether they want it reported or not. I think that it is still better to be able to give the user the choice whenever you are sending 'out' data from their computer.

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As a service you may not have a user logged in to the machine therefore no desktop. –  Craig Tyler Sep 10 '08 at 14:54

Since you're not going to have a user interacting with the program, I'd say make configuration variable (in an app.config file) responsible for sending/not sending the data. That way users who don't want to report errors can just change a flag in a config file. I'd personally have it turned on by default and then give them guidance on how to turn it off it they wanted to.

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