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How do i check if a zip file is corrupt or not.... like i have a zip file with 10 jpg images i am able to extract say 8 of the images two of the images in the zip are corrupt and i am not able to extract is there a way to check this in a python script

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This code will either throw an exception (if the zip file is really bad or if it's not a zip file), or show the first bad file in the zip file.

import os
import sys
import zipfile

if __name__ == "__main__":
    args = sys.argv[1:]

    print "Testing zip file: %s" % args[0]

    the_zip_file = zipfile.ZipFile(args[0])
    ret = the_zip_file.testzip()

    if ret is not None:
        print "First bad file in zip: %s" % ret
        print "Zip file is good."

You should, of course, enclose this stuff in proper try/except clauses. But that's the basics.

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Use the zipfile module testzip function, see http://docs.python.org/library/zipfile.html#zipfile.ZipFile.testzip

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