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I've been looking for the CSS files of the different AjaxControlToolkit controls but i can't find them. Specifically I'm looking for the Combobox.css file which according to google an ajax site, is located in "AjaxControlToolkit\ComboBox\ComboBox.css", the problem here is that i can't find that folder "AjaxControlToolkit". When you download the binary, it comes with a sample site which has a combobox folder but there's no CSS in there!

Can someone point me in the right direction here please? Maybe a direct link where i can find the different CSS for the entire Ajax Library. Thank you.

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You can always browse the Source Code

But I'm not sure what you mean, as there is no such thing, this is up to you, to create your own theme, check Matt examples

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thank you very much balexandre! You're right i was trying to use the Aqua style from the demo page. I see now i need to make my own styles. Under Server->AjaxControlToolkit->Combobox->Combobox.css you can find the default styles for the combobox. Thanks again. – euther Feb 2 '11 at 15:22

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