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I have a jQuery script I'm using on a site to allow fixed position background images on iPhone/iPad/iPod. However it seems to be clashing with another script I am using on the site that enlarges background images full screen. Luckily they're independent of each other, I don't need the clashing background image script to work on iOS devices and vice versa.

Is there a way I can specifically target IOS devices to serve a JS file? I initially thought about using some kind of IF statement and doing it on window size but that started to get a bit complicated and affects other non-IOS devices. It just needs to run something like this...

..."if IOS device then load scroll.js"

I know device/browser sniffing is frowned upon but I can't think of another way around this problem.

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Use the user-agent matching in @Keltex's link. –  Evan Mulawski Feb 2 '11 at 15:02

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You can use the Mobile Safari user agent string to detect mobile safari server-side, see: How do I detect Mobile Safari server side using PHP?

You can also do this in JavaScript:


See iPhone & iPod Detection Using JavaScript for more information.

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You can use Detect Mobile Browser (it has a library for javascript).

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Seems like a lot of code to just detect specifically IOS, is there any reason why that would be a more suitable solution over the answer Justin Ethier gave? Thanks for your help. –  Yammi Feb 2 '11 at 18:45

you can also try this

if (navigator.userAgent.match(/like Mac OS X/i)) {
                alert('Hi, you\'re browsing from an iOS device.');
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