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I want to declare associative array in the argument of function in - is it possible??

this code it's not working..

<a href="javascript:functionName(new Array('cool'=>'Mustang','family'=>'Station'))">click</a>

that code is working - is it the only way?

    var my_cars= new Array()

<a href="javascript:functionName(my_cars)">click</a>
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why would you prefer the first way? generally none or as little as possible javascript should be in your html –  Matt Feb 2 '11 at 15:27

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You're trying to using PHP syntax in Javascript.

You need to use Javascript syntax to create an object literal:

functionName({ cool: "Mustang", family: "Station" });
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Don't use "new Array()" when all you want is an object with strings as property names:

var my_cars = {};

or just

var my_cars = {
  cool: 'Mustang', family: 'Station'

Arrays are intended to support integer-indexed properties, and they also maintain the "length" of the list of integer-indexed properties automatically (well, the "conceptual" length).

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This will work.

<a href="javascript:functionName({'cool':'Mustang','family':'Station'})">click</a>

In JS Objects are associate arrays

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Aravindan R, Thanks a lot! cheers –  quardas Feb 3 '11 at 22:58

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