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i am in egypt and just since a few hours we got internet back after 6 days. Now many of us looking to avoid a situation like this. Any hints, tips how to do are welcome.

Normal proxies are 'not' our solution, as they just shut down our net completly! Solutions are for example dialup numbers in foreign countries. I collected a few, also cant use them for now, as we dont have this antique modems to call a dial up number.

Now most of us have 3g USB Modem sticks for internet access. Myself have a 'etisalat' 3g card and could input a foreign number, also it did not worked and i got "no dialing feature available'

You have have some hacks in mind we could use to keep our online communication also when they shut down the net completly.

Available hardware: Laptops, PCs, 3G Usb Modems and normal Internet Routers. Please keep it easy, we are not all hightech engeneers :)

cheers chris

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Voted to migrate to superusers. Probably some Egyptians here with the same problem –  belisarius Feb 2 '11 at 15:55
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I see it very difficult to go around this, if the government can just shutdown what ever they want. In the worst case they just shutdown the grid. It's not good if the government can just do what ever they want. First we need to revoke this privilege. The people have the power!

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