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What is the best way to build a .NET solution and run MbUnit tests using Rake?

I'm currently invoking commands directly like this:

sh "#{DOT_NET_PATH}msbuild.exe /p:Configuration=#{CONFIG} #{SOLUTION}"

This works but seems a bit rubbish. Are there any gems people would recommend using?

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I just started using albacore which is available on

Full docs at the wiki

Your task for executing a build is this simple:

msbuild do |msb|
 msb.solution = "mysolution.sln"
 #... other settings here

Want to execute unit tests?

desc "NUnit Test Runner Example"
nunit do |nunit|
    nunit.path_to_command = "NUnit/nunit-console.exe"
    nunit.assemblies << "assemblies/TestSolution.Tests.dll"

UPDATE: Check out this May 2010 article for a very comprehensive tutorial.

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Yes, I'm using this myself now. It's great. If I'd remembered this question I'd have added this answer myself. – Garry Shutler Dec 15 '09 at 8:57
You might want to come back and edit this question soon as the syntax is going to be changing slightly to just "nunit" instead of "nunittask". – Garry Shutler Dec 15 '09 at 8:58

rake-dotnet is pretty useful, if rather new (though that's admittedly pretty shameless of me ;-) ).

Source code

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