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let's say this is my code

var myObject = {

    varA: true,
    varB: false,

    init: function() {

        //do something

    doThis: function() {

        //do this

        function doThat(){

           //do that   




how do i call (if i can) the function doThat() from "outside" the object (like from a onclick on the page)? is it possible?

i'm working/hacking a piece of code left by a previsous developer and i dont want to rewrite everything from srcatch, so any good workaround is well accepted! thanks

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You can't.

The function doThat is not exposed to any of the outer scopes. Unless you somehow change doThis to return a reference to doThat, there's no way of calling it besides declaring the function somewhere else.

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There's no way to do this without modifying myObject; doThat is effectively a private function. There are several ways to work around this, for example making doThat a property of doThis. This is not recommended, but you did say you were hacking.

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You can't. doThat is not a property of doThis or of myObject. You would have to modify the code to expose the enclosed doThat function.

var myObj = {
  doThis: function() {
    console.log("doing this");
    return function doThat() { console.log("doing that"); };

The above would let you do:

myObj.doThis()(); // "doing this" / "doing that"
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