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I have a page which uses fancybox to display a series of images. When I scroll the page down to view the entire image and then hit next to move to the next image, the new box/image opens further down than the vertical center of the viewport (in fact multiple number of points down compared to the amount of scroll). As I keep doing this for every succesive image I find myself ways down the top of the page on the last image...

How do we force each succesive box to open a fixed amount of distance from the very top of the page (even if paged was scrolled down). Would this involve modifying the js file iteself (e.g., viewport function?).

Many thanks!

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There is a centerOnScroll parameter which should solve your issue. See fixed position in fancybox


        'hideOnContentClick': true,
        'autoScale': true,
        'height': 'auto',
        'scrolling': 'no',
        'transitionIn': 'none',
        'transitionOut': 'none',
        'centerOnScroll': true
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