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i am a django newbie, and trying to get my projects and apps in a directory on my desktop.. I need to add these directories to the python path so it knows where they live and can interact with eachother.. how can I do this best? I found several ways which might have downsides???

  • through shell, import sys, sys.path.append('/my/dir') isn't permanent?
  • through, this is permanent but in my python IDE it seems modules get loaded multiple times? because my python in running in a framework (macosx)
  • through commandline export PYTHONPATH:$ etc etc

So whats the way to go ?

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I tend to use the simple

import sys
path = '/var/www/Django/'
if path not in sys.path:

In my WSGI scripts which "power" my application. I also have a custom management command that does exactly this before calling shell. Previously to that, I simply dumped the above in

/var/www/Django is where all my projects belong - thus if I'm referring to a project I always use Once I've created a portable app for re-use, it graduates and lives in /var/www/Django itself and gets included via other project's Does that make sense?

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