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I'm creating a new Asp.Net MVC 3 application. Visual Studio does a lot of the job of create the database and initial layout. Very nice! I will upload that initial files to my server, but I want that it runs using the MySql database on the server.

There's some quick/easy way to do it? I'm not worried about the data, just the structure of the tables, and the connection/configuration changes.

Thank you very much!

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You can export any MS-SQL database as a Script (Sql Server manager).
Fix it up to make it compatible.

But you will also need a Membership provider, look around if there exist any for MySql, otherwise you'll have to create one (movie).

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There are a number of tools listed in "Migrating from Microsoft SQL Server and Access to MySQL".

Or (assuming that you're using column types that exist on both platforms) you can write a script to convert a schema dump from SqlServer into MySQL (or do the conversion by hand in a text editor). Even better yet, you can write a program program to read the INFORMATION_SCHEMA table from SqlServer and produce the necessary CREATE TABLE... statements in mysql. Lots of options.

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