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I typically place the rules in my CSS in the same order as they are in the HTML. But what about global rules like how I format my input,textarea,p,tr,th and stuff like that? Is there a convention on which order the rules should go in?

Obviously there are situations when the rules have to be in a certain order to work.

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You could maybe check the standard firefox css in your "Program Files"-folder. I assume/really hope they do it in the correct order. – Marnix Feb 2 '11 at 20:14

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I just put "global" properties of CSS in their own stylesheet all together. So for instance: put in tr, td, input, table, etc in their own stylesheet and the rest of custom .classes and #divs in their own.

This simplifies it the best and keeps it organized.

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Global CSS rules can go on a file (i.e. global-style.css) - these will apply to all pages. Specific CSS rules can go a separate file (i.e. login-style.css) - on this second file, you can override the default look-feel of the global CSS if desired.

You would only include the second file in the HTML files you need the different look-feel (from the global one)

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I use one line per rule notation now, try to keep it organized and easy to read. It minimizes scrolling and it is easier to sort the rules that way.

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