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I don't under stand how django-registration is handling activation failure? Say, a user just uses a dummy activation key and invokes the url in browser /activation/"key". Now, activation will fail but which url should users be directed to? And, also, the user should be shown the error message. Correct? But, I find after clicking activate, user is shown the activate.html only.

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Here is the docstring for the function activate:

On unsuccessful activation, will render the template
registration/activate.html to display an error message; to
override thise, pass the argument template_name (see below).

The default url captured:

                   {'backend': 'registration.backends.default.DefaultBackend'},

On success, the activate view redirects to a success URL, therefore the only purpose of the activate.html template is on failure.

Update: looking at the instructions, it even says this explicitly in the "templates required" section:


Used if account activation fails. With the default setup, has the following context:

activation_key The activation key used during the activation attempt.

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I think django-registration does not handle this properly. Perhaps it is a good idea to file a bug with the upstream code.

Had a to write some template code here as a work around.

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