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I need some help, pointers and guidance.

We have a C# 4.0 (VS2010) application that requires installation of a MYSQL (driver) Connector)... We don't want the user to manually install it.. Is there a way to do this programatically? through a DLL COM Registration etc?

What are the possible solutions?

Any help will be great.

BR SoomthCriminel

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According to the official MySQL site, there is a zip package available, which includes the source files of their installer. You should be able to include that installer in a WiX project and build a convenient solution by installing it via the WiX toolset programatically.

You could also use the MySQL conector.msi which can be installed in unattended mode via the commandline switch /quiet:

msiexec /package conector-net.msi /quiet
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Cool, thanks... – SmoothCriminel Feb 3 '11 at 10:01

why not create a regular install for that? you can create setup project with Visual Studio or maybe use NSIS setup tool.

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