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Anyone know where the documentation is for the properites file?

I am trying the following exportQuery:

select * form ci_infoobjects where si_kind like 'FavoritesFolder' and si_name like 't%'

It is correctly grabbing the users but, is not biaring any of the folders/reports that said user has.


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Ok here is what I have found out.

  • documentation: on the command line importe is in the bi_vip pdf provided by SAP (which I will provide a link to later).
  • usage: My query isn't exactly correct but, removing the si_name portion should get you th right result.
  • issues: It seems that the command line importer does not gracefully handler export errors. Any export error it receives the command line will kill itself.
  • work around: I am pretty much duplicating the ImportWizard in java at this using API BIAROutput and IException.

I will hopefully post back my source code for the command line import tool in java.

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