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what can I do, when I have

if(preg_match('#<tr>(.*?)<td align="center" width="90%" valign="top">(.*?)<td align="center" width="90%" valign="top">#s',$result,$array)) { ... }

and I want to have only the second (.*?) to be written into the $array. What do I have to replace the first (.*?) with, when I just want to tell preg_match that there can be no matter what between the <tr> and the <td align="center" ...

Thanks for your help! phpheini

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You can have a non-capturing group with (?:.*?)

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Perfect, thank you! Do you also know how I can get a url from this one: preg_match('#referer\.php\?url=(.*?)#s',$result,$array2) I want him to check the whole data in $result to find the code "referer.php?url=example.com"; and to give me example.com –  phpheini Feb 2 '11 at 22:19
The ? causes the * to be non-greedy, so it eats as few input chars as possible.. (.*) would eat the rest of the URL, or ([^&]*) would eat everything up the next ampersand, or end of URL. –  Paul Dixon Feb 3 '11 at 9:17

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