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What function, or series of functions, can convert an Int32 to an Int in Haskell? I know that HashTable.hashString can convert to an Int32, but I need a function that can convert the other way.

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ghci> import Data.Int
ghci> fromIntegral (5 :: Int32) :: Int
ghci> fromIntegral (5 :: Int) :: Int32
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Welcome to polymorphic return types! These were very mysterious when I first met haskell. – Daniel Feb 3 '11 at 14:38

Stop. Hoogle time!...Sadly, Hoogle fails to answer the question well this time. Skipping to the answer...

fromIntegral :: (Integral a, Num b) => a -> b

(docs at hackage.haskell.org)

Note the type signature of fromIntegral indicates that it will turn any Integral into any Num. Since Int32 has a declared instance of Integral, and Int has a declared instance of Num, the fromIntegral function will do the job.

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fromIntegral will convert from Int32 to Int or the other way around.

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