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I am trying to use a very simple resource route for my Buildings Controller.

resource :buildings

This results in the following mappings

buildings POST   /buildings(.:format) {:controller=>"buildings", :action=>"create"}
         new_buildings GET    /buildings/new(.:format)          {:controller=>"buildings", :action=>"new"}
        edit_buildings GET    /buildings/edit(.:format)         {:controller=>"buildings", :action=>"edit"}
                       GET    /buildings(.:format)              {:controller=>"buildings", :action=>"show"}
                       PUT    /buildings(.:format)              {:controller=>"buildings", :action=>"update"}
                       DELETE /buildings(.:format)              {:controller=>"buildings", :action=>"destroy"}

Anyone know why there is no index action mapped for the default /buildings GET request? I'm using rails 3.0.3

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I think you want to use resources instead of resource. You can read about the difference here: http://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActionDispatch/Routing/Mapper/Resources.html#method-i-resource

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Ah..yah that's it. Cheers for that. –  ibuck Feb 2 '11 at 22:46
Thank you jeremy –  datnt Jan 24 '13 at 1:44

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