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The team I work with attended the SuperComputing Convention last November, but it was geared far more towards hardware then application and algorithms. We would like to find a convention for us to attend that caters towards the algorithmic and implementation side of things.

We have found this convention, but I haven't seen any press on it. And given our budget, I would hate to spend all the money of attending it and have it be a waste. So I ask of you fellow SO'ers, do you have any suggestions for conferences or conventions regarding parallel and distributed computing?

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All though the PDC has already happened there are a number of good videos that you may find interesting. I believe there is at least 10 sessions(videos) around parallel computing. Also see the CCR which allows for massively concurrent and distributed systems with a simple programming model.

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Hah, exactly the same link I was about to post. –  tsilb Jan 28 '09 at 16:03

Distributed Systems and Networks (DSN), Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC) and Networked Systems: Design and Implementation (NSDI) spring to mind.

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