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I have a small machine running Debian and can access it via ssh -l user host. Now I created a git repository in a folder on that machine.

The thing that I can not figure out is: What do I have to do, that git would let me access that repository in the way git push ssh://yourserver.com/~you/proj.git +master

Or in other words: what means ssh://, and how do I set up access to a repository using that protocol?

Thank you for your help/hints!

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I've been through this whole problem before. I ended up settling on gitolite to manage git & ssh. It's very easy to install (if you use the package method) and it makes maintaining repositories easy.

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Thanks, works like a charm after a whole morning of compiling all that stuff (git >1.6.2 + dependencies) ;-) –  Simon Feb 3 '11 at 12:57

See this Pro Git. In particular, see Chapter 4, "Git on the server".

It's quite easy to setup =)

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Lot's of people use gitosis for this. But that does not support ~you.

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Gitosis is also abandonware for over a year now. Gitolite is to be preferred. –  Novelocrat Feb 3 '11 at 2:50

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