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SELECT count, item, itemid
FROM items

Takes .0011


id  select_type table      type    possible_keys    key     key_len ref        rows Extra  
1    SIMPLE      items      index   NULL             count   4       NULL       20  

I have indexes on itemid(primary key) and count (INDEX)

Does anyone have suggestions for how this could be better accomplished?

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It seems like your long_query_time variable/setting is extremely short. The default is 10 seconds, but if your query is taking 0.0011 seconds, it obviously shouldn't be logged with the default setting. Try increasing it to something reasonable for your setup (1 second+ probably) and see if this still happens.

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That's what I've done. However I also have it logging queries without indexes. Could that be causing it? –  ryanneufeld Feb 2 '11 at 23:44

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