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I got the JMenu down except for removing. :D I mean, I can do popup.remove(NUMBER) but that can cause NPE errors. So, is there a way to remove all JMenuItems from JMenu?

Here's my update checkPopup() if anyone's interested:

            private void checkPopup(MouseEvent e)
        if (e.isPopupTrigger())

            int itemSelectx = listbox.getSelectedIndex();
            Object actItemx = listbox.getModel().getElementAt(itemSelectx);
            System.out.println("You pressed on " + actItemx);

        if (actItemx == "Item 1") {
            popup.add(cancelMenuItem); // add the ability to cancel an item
            popup.add(dropMenuItem); // add ability to drop the item

  , e.getX(), e.getY()); // show item at mouse
            popup.revalidate(); // revalidate
            //popup.remove(0); // removing first (0) menu item

Almost there! :) (yes, I tried Google and JavaDocs)

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the reason your google search didn't work was because you looked for JListMenu instead of JMenu :-) – Zach L Feb 2 '11 at 23:42

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If I've understood what you're after correctly, you want the removeAll() method on JMenu; See the Javadoc here.

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Got it, thanks! – nn2 Feb 2 '11 at 23:50

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