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Hey guys, I am a graduate CS student (Data mining and machine learning) and have a good exposure to core JAVA (>3 years). I have read up a bunch of stuff on

Design patterns J2EE Web services( soap and rest) spring and hibernate Java Concurrency - advanced features like Task and Executors.

I would now like to do a project combining this stuff (over my free time of corse) to get a better understanding of these things and to kind of make an end to end software (to learn the best design principles etc + svn, maven).

Any good project ideas would be really appreciated. I just wanna build this stuff to learn so I dont really mind re-inventing the wheel. Also, anything related to data mining would be an added bonus (fits with my research) but absolutly not necesary (since this project is more to learn to do large scale software developement)

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Honestly, trying to come up with a project out of nowhere to put yours skills to test is far too hard due to many reasons... mainly lack of purpose or practical objective, which leads to weak software specifications and weak motivation to get it done.

In your situation, I would choose between:

  • joining some data mining open source project; there you could help make the project better with your skills; plus, you would have other experienced programmers to learn from;
  • looking for someone that needs some software done (a software that interest you, of course), and you develop it; please choose someone that have a clear view of the desired software... if the person doesn't know what is needed, you are not the one that should be guessing it.

My situation as an example: I have my regular programmer job, plus a freelance project I am developing on my free time, and I'm doing it for a share of the (future) company, may it survive and profit. And while developing it, I put to use the best tools and techniques I know (that fit the requirements, of course). It's very rewarding, I must say.

Just my two cents.

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It is very hard for people to tell you what to do since you might have some opinion on the choice of technology and components that you capable of.

Also it depends on the knowledge of business domain you have for now. I guess what you could start of is to participate into some open-source project that interested you the most, preferably some early project so you have to problem picking up pace.

Good luck!

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